Lake Realty Living: Is It Better To Have Pool Salt Generator?

Lake Realty Living: Is It Better To Have Pool Salt Generator?

Posted On Aug 31, 2022.

Properties shifting to saltwater pools is no longer news in exclusive and posh communities like Lake Norman. Though they still have chlorine, their saturation is not as high as in typical backyard pools, making it a healthier and practical choice while remaining aesthetically attractive.

Salt chlorine generators make it more undemanding to maintain your pool neat and sanitized. These minimize the need for standard chlorine products and significantly simplify pool upkeep. You shouldn’t worry about constantly changing your chlorine levels or dealing with that unpleasant chlorine odor when using saltwater chlorine generators.

How a Salt Generator Operates

Some individuals believe that salt pools are free of chlorine. Nothing could be further from the truth. Like any other pool, a salt pool uses chlorine to disinfect the water. The distinction is in how we introduce chlorine to the pool.

Pool salt generators produce chlorine by converting sodium chloride (NaCl), often known as table salt. Electrolysis powers these salt makers, often known as salt cells. The generator electrically charges the salt water, causing the salt molecules to break and produce chlorine (Cl).

Parts of The Salt Generator

1. The Salt Cell

The cell is the component of the system that transforms salt into chlorine. Water flows through the cell and ruthenium or iridium-coated solid plates. The control board charges these naturally occurring metals, which allow the salt to convert to chlorine via electrolysis.

2. The Control Board

The system’s command and control center’s principal function is to supply power to the salt chlorine generator for conversion. You may also manage the quantity of energy provided to the cell, allowing you to adjust the chloride concentration in the pool.

Electrolysis would be impossible without the control board, and there is no chlorine production. It also allows you to change your salt chlorine generator’s input rate and schedule.

Benefits of Salt Generators

1. Spend Less on Pool Chemicals

In a salt-chlorine generator, the primary material utilized to produce chlorine is salt. Because salt does not dissolve in water like other cleaning chemicals, the first quantity of salt you add to your pool will remain there all season. You can reduce the salt level only by manually removing water from the pool.

2. Add lesser chlorine, less often

Pool owners who do not have a salt generation system use liquid chlorine or pills to keep the pool sanitized. While chlorine is proper, purchasing, transporting, storing, and applying it is not enjoyable. Liquid chlorine, for example, is highly flammable, loses strength fast, and is hazardous to the skin, eyes, and lungs.

While the chlorine levels or quantity in a saltwater pool may need to be manually changed occasionally, this is normally accomplished using a tablet or granulated chlorine. You can use other kinds of chlorine instead of liquid chlorine.

3. Pools with salt water are gentle on the eyes, skin, and hair.

One of the most significant benefits of saltwater pools is that they are gentler on the skin and eyes and less drying to the skin than typical chlorine pools.

People with skin issues or swimmers sensitive to chlorine benefit from saltwater systems. If you’re used to swimming in public pools, you’ll notice reduced eye redness, itchy and dry skin, and bleaching on your bathing suit.

Although salt chlorine generators can help you reduce pool care costs, they are initially more expensive than typical chemical-based systems. Nonetheless, if you’re seeking a chlorine substitute for a safer living in Lake Realty, this is one of the better solutions.

MLS listings do not separate chlorine vs saltwater pools in their listings. Contact your real estate agent to help you identify the homes with saltwater pools.

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